Our 2017 sponsors

Empower Nepal Foundation,  501 (C) (3) American nonprofit and Tsum Valley Medical Mission  Fiscal Sponsor

Compassion Health Centre,  a Canadian nonprofit and our Tsum collaborator  which provides on-the -ground support and the use of their clinic in Upper Tsum. 


or send check to:                        
     Empower Nepal Foundation
       2000 Como Avenue
       St. Paul, Minnesota 55108            

      Write "Tsum Valley Project Fund"  on the check


Group picture  2016 mission  - Compassion Health Center

Thanks, 2016 team members!

Thank you to our talented team members for providing their expertise and time to provide health care to the people of the remote Tsum Valley of Nepal in April of 2016. 


This Year's Mission Plan

The 2017 trip, undertaken this October, will focus on:

  • A complete medical history and physical exam on every patient
  • Dental care including 100 tooth extractions a day as there's no dental infrastucture.
  • Women's health care including cervical cancer screening , birth control, and health education.
  • Public health education including the risks of  alcohol misuse and tobacco use.
  • Attention to the problem(s) that bring the patient  to see us.
  • Pregnancy care and distribution of birthing kits to promote safe home birth.
  • Treatment of every nonpregnant patient for parasites which are ubiquitous due to impure water.

Rachel Frazin
Mission Leader and Family Nurse Practitioner
St. Paul, Minnesota



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