1. Click on this link: EMPOWER NEPAL FOUNDATION

2. Enter your amount, name , email and street address.

3. This is where it gets just a bit tricky.  Under Program, click the little black triangle so the dropdown shows Tsum Valley Medical Mission. Click on that, then Add to Basket, and you're good to go!

You're welcome to donate to Nepal Earthquake Fund, too -- but you must click on Tsum Valley Medical Mission for the money to get to us!

Can you give hope to people on the other side of the world?

Behind their smiling eyes and namastes is a people who suffer. The people of the Tsum Valley have no health care – no clinic, medicines, vaccinations, no ambulance capability.

You can help relieve the suffering of the Tsumbas. A team of health professionals from the U.S, and Australia, working with the Tsum Welfare Committee, are trekking to the Tsum in the fall of 2018 to provide medical care.

The goal is to establish a permanent health post here.