Our team of volunteer medical service providers is paying for our travel, room and board. But we need funds to buy
medicines and supplies

The mission is sponsored by Empower Nepal Foundation, a Minnesota USA  501 (C) (3) nonprofit organization.

Your entire donation goes to mission work -- zero overhead.

Donations are tax deductible.                

or send check to:                        
     Empower Nepal Foundation
       2000 Como Avenue
       St. Paul, Minnesota 55108            

      Write "Tsum Valley Project Fund"  on the check

I'm Rachel Frazin, family nurse practitioner from Minnesota, USA.  As the schemer and dreamer behind the Tsum Valley mission,  I'm lucky to be brain-wired for action and a passion to make the world a better place. The two recent earthquakes in Nepal have given me an unanticipated run for my money,  amplifying in Richter fashion the need for your monetary support for our effort!

My family, friends, and patients have taught me how to use the inevitable obstacles that life tosses my way to become more patient, tolerant, and understanding. My daughter's suicide in 2009  inspired me to create something beautiful out of her despair with the world as she found it.

When I discovered the Tsum,  I knew this remote valley  would provide me fertile ground for improving the lives of a people. I saw, too, an intriguing opportunity to explore the differences between a culture that is materially-impoverished but spiritually-inspired, and our Western world, where people are wealthy but struggle to find meaning and happiness.

I consider our talented group of clinicians and support staff who are offering their expertise, time, and money to reduce the Nepalis' suffering as my brood -- providing me a motherhood that keeps on giving and getting. And, best of all,  the people we will treat will become our great, big extended family. 

Our greatest challenge right now is getting the word out to people like you who can't come along but believe in our quest. We will go with our hearts, minds, and whatever medications and supplies we can obtain.  I hope by April that you,  our generous supporters, will have helped make possible our goal of  giving the people of Nepal the very best we can offer to improve the quality of their lives. 

Before the earthquakes hit Nepal last  spring, our team was planning  to provide care  in the Tsum Valley in fall of 2015. Because the Tsum trekking route, accessible  on foot or by helicopter, was damaged by the quakes, we are going in April 2016.  We will trek 26 days to provide care in 4 villages. Ninety per cent of the homes in the Tsum were damaged by the quakes.  Together with Chay-Ya, a Nepali-Austrian NGO that is building a clinic in the Upper Tsum, we will make a difference in the lives of the people.


Anita Lam, Optometrist

Sonia Yu, RN

Polly Ambermoon, Chinese Medicine

Doug Amis, PA

Sascha Saharov, MD

Lance McAdams, MD

Cynthia Foran, RN,FNP

Autumn D. Conde, DO

Adhikary Rabindra, 

Tanzin Lama, Trekking Coordinator

Gopal Bhandari, Optometrist

Flore Van Kelst, Doctor of Osteopathy

Vicki Tyner, RN

Bill Tyner, Support

Maria Elena Ontiveros, Support