Our 2018 Team 

Dental Assistant

Advanced Practicd Registered Nurse
Tsumpa Trek Director
Registered Nurse

Family Nurse Practitioner and Team Lead
Minnesota, USA

Additional Staff (photos and additional information pending...stay tuned!)

Dr. Rakesh Shrestha -- Nepali general medicine physician

Jonathan Finley -- psychology intern providing public health education including the dangers of excessive alcohol intake.

Dr. Carol Ball -- gynecologist who will be providing comprehensive women’s health care including cervical cancer screening and contraception.

Karun Pudasaini -- Nepali dentist who will be providing dental care including education, cleanings, and extractions and possible restorative dentistry.

Utsav Yadav -- will be helping in the triage tent to take a complete medical history from each patient and assisting with running the pharmacy.  Utsav is completing his medical studies at the Teaching Hospital in Kathmandu.

Sonam Bhuti -- will be translating for the Tsum Valley Medical Mission for the second time. Sonam hails from Tsum and lives and studies in Kathmandu.

Tsering Norbu Lama -- will be acting as assistant guide and translator for the second time. He is studying business in Kathmandu while taking care of his aged grandmother. 

Kiran Bhatta -- will be providing a day trip to Kathmandu to provide understanding of the unique cultural aspects of Nepal.