Rachel Frazin

Family Nurse Practitioner and Team Lead

Minnesota, USA

Our 2018 Team   

Tanzin Lama - trekking company leader 

After beginning life in Chicago, I migrated with my parents to Indiana, where I completed high school and a university degree in Anthropology. Between stretches securing nursing degrees at the University of Minnesota and Yale, I hitchhiked through Europe, studied Spanish in Guatemala and snagged a spouse.  

By my mid-thirties, I'd settled in St Paul, Minnesota, where I practiced primary care medicine and raised two children with the soulful assist of my husband, Mike Finley. Once the children grew up, the wild Alaskan Bush lured my wanderlust. For the past nine years, I've divided my time between my home in Minnesota and Alaska, where I've provided medical care to Native Alaskans.

With my daughter's suicide in 2009, my pilgrimage of grief  led me to Nepal, where I provided medical care under the auspices of the U.S. nonprofit, Helping Hands.  Rewarded by the grace and humility of its people, I determined to return to Nepal, this time in the remote Tsum Valley, off the grid in the Middle Himalaya.

 In October 2018, our team will continue the work begun by our 2016 and 2017  teams in collaboration with our  Canadian/Nepali partner, Compassion Health Center, and with the support of Empower Nepal Foundation, our American Fiscal Sponsor.