Thanks to our 2016 team members!

Thank you to our talented team members for providing their expertise and time to provide health care to the people of the remote Tsum Valley of Nepal in April of 2016. 

The general medical team members provided holistic medical care to 670 patients over 10 days including treatment for painful knees and backs, gastritis and heartburn, and cough from asthma and chronic lung disease from poorly vented hearth fires.

Women's health. We initiated a comprehensive women's health initiative that included the region's first cervical cancer screening program and education on nutrition and rest after birth  to promote a plentiful milk supply.  Women were educated about family planning, and DepoProvera and oral contraceptive pills were provided at no cost.

Health education. This was a primary focus  including the dangers of tobacco and alcohol use and the importance of boiling drinking water. Toothbrushes and dental education were provided.

Health screenings. Each patient was screened for problems in all body systems in addition to the health complaint that brought them to see our team,  akin to a physical exam in the West.

Eye care. Patients over 5 who had an abnormal vision test or an eye complaint were seen by one of our three optometrists. Everyone over 35 years had a dilated eye exam. Hundreds of reading glasses and sunglasses were provided, and 32 people were gifted with prescription eyeglasses through the Minnesota nonprofit Respectacle.