Tsum Valley is home to Tibetan Buddhists whose subsistence way of life has remained unchanged for centuries.  The Tsumpas, as they call themselves, are a resilient, hard working people who have rebuilt homes and outbuildings  damaged  by  the earthquakes of 2015. 

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Living off the grid  means little access to professional medical and dental care.  The six day walk through mountain trails to Kathmandu is often prohibitive due to expense and time away from their farms and animals.  

Our secular medical mission brings medical and dental teams that provide culturally sensitive comprehensive medical and dental care to the Tsumpas.  We've discovered and treated their cataracts and hypertension,  asthma and dental abscesses, to name just a few problems. We provide preventive care including health education and have created the Tsum's first holistic women's health program including cervical cancer screening and family planning. 

What is Tsum/Nubri Mountain Healthcare?
Some basics.