Utsav Yadav

Medical Student

Utsav will be helping in the triage tent to take a complete medical history from each patient and assisting with running the pharmacy.  Utsav is completing his medical studies at the Teaching Hospital in Kathmandu.

I am a 4th year medical student currently studying at Maharajganj Medical Campus,Teaching hospital.I beleive my experience and ability in the areas of medical volunteering and medical skills will be helpful in the health camp at tsum valley.

I have already worked as a volunteer in the past for a committee called PSRN where my responsibilities have been related to project. The training experience and education has provided me with a strong background in this field of volunteering.

The variety of skills required for the project together with my natural leadership qualities have allowed me to expand and add to my skill sets while enjoying the challenges at hand.

Volunteer work has always been a part of my life in some form or another and tsum valley medical mission is the organization that I would very much enjoy being a part of .